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More than 18 million people have completed Five Wishes, in all 50 states and all over the world. Today, you can complete your Five Wishes online. No more waiting - you can start this important conversation right now and have a completed document in your hands today.

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Using our secure online system, we will guide you through Five Wishes, where all you have to do is check a box, select an option, or write a few sentences. When you're done, you'll be able to save, print and email your completed document so that your doctor and loved ones know what you want.

If you would rather complete your Five Wishes by hand, there is an option to print a blank document, already customized with your name and ready for you to handwrite your answers. You can print out your Five Wishes in less time than it would take you to walk outside to pick up your mail.

To get started, enter how many uses of Five Wishes Online you'd like and click "Get Started." If you've been given an access key, enter it on the right and click "Submit." After you've created your account you'll have 30 days to come back and make as many changes as you'd like.

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